Baking Rules of Thumb

Follow these 6 baking rules of thumb and improve your baking skills right away

Are you looking for basic baking rules of thumb? Read our 6 selected baking rules of thumb and start baking perfect cakes, pizzas and breads today!

Maybe your dough doesn’t rise properly, your bread isn’t as crusty as you’d like it to be or no matter what you do, your cakes are flat and burnt on the edges. What is going on? The most common mistake when baking is overlooking the tiny details that matter: setting correct temperatures, using the correct pan size, or not mixing the dough properly. Have a quick read through these baking rules of thumb, and feel free to add in the comments, ask questions or share pics of your baking disasters!

1. Read your baking recipes very carefully before you start. Have all the necessary ingredients and make sure you understand the recipe clearly.

2. Be a perfectionist. Unlike other kinds of cooking, baking demands a great deal of accuracy and does not allow for improvisation or last minute substitution of ingredients. Measure ingredients accurately, set oven temperatures and baking times religiously.

3. Do not multitask. When you’re mixing a recipe, refrain from carrying out other activities and try not to get distracted.

4. Use the right tools. Bowls, pans, and utensils you will need must be of standard measurements and reasonable quality to help you achieve the best results.

5. Pan size matters. Recipes are calculated as to yield and changing the pan size will alter baking temperature and time. Larger, more shallow pans need increased heat; smaller, deeper pans need decreased heat.

6. Use top-quality ingredients. You can’t expect a first-rate product using second-rate ingredients. Be sure your ingredients are fresh and of the finest quality. If your recipe says the ingredient must be room temperature, be sure it is room temperature before proceeding.

Ready to bake? Let’s start with something simple, like this pizza dough recipe.

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