Chicken Recipes: Chicken Skewers (spiedini di pollo)

Juicy cubes of chicken breast rolled up in bacon (or prosciutto, or speck if you prefer) and cooked on the barbecue or a hot plate. Chicken Skewers are an easy recipe, perfect to entertain. Serve small portions as appetisers or big ones for main! 

Chicken recipes are very popular and we receive requests for new chicken recipes all the time, so we decided to take this matter a little further and asked Australian chicken growers to help out and explain how to choose chicken meat, and if there’s anything people should know before buying.

Turns out there is so much to know, we had to ask for more help in figuring this out. As it often happens with products that are made easily accessible (chicken, beef, salmon, coffee, chocolate, bread…) we start taking them for granted and stop questioning: where is this from? is this good quality? how can this be SO cheap?…

Kathryn Sommerlad, from Sommerlad poultry, has been very kind, and wrote detailed information for us to share with all of you. Below is an extract from her article, but we highly recommend you read it all: click here for Kathyn’s full article.

Free range chicken farmers have been working hard to address consumer concerns about chicken welfare, but unlike international chicken growers who have a choice between fast and slower growing meat chicken strains, all Australian producers, whether factory, RSPCA approved, certified free-range or organic – have only had fast growing strains to choose from. The problem is, today’s modern meat chickens (also known as ‘broilers’) cannot cope as well in free-range growing environments as the hardier table poultry breeds did before them, and even when grown outdoors with great care, they’ve also lost the texture and flavour of yesteryear… read full article >>

Now, to the recipe! If you’re looking for more chicken inspiration, check out these chicken recipes: Chicken Cacciatore, Nonna’s Crispy Roast Chicken

Ingredients (to make 8 skewers)

– 800 gr of Chicken Breast – cubed into 24 pieces of about 3cm/side
– 24 thin slices of bacon (or prosciutto or speck)
– 150 gr white field mushrooms (champignons) – sliced into 24 slices about 1 cm thick
– 250 gr zucchini – sliced into 24 slices about 1 cm thick
– 24 small bunches of fresh rosemary


1. Wrap each cube of chicken in a slice of bacon and insert a bunch of rosemary in between the bacon and the chicken, now insert the skewer.

2. Keep bulding your skewers by inserting chicken, mushroom, zucchini, chicken, mushroom, zucchini, chicken, mushroom, zucchini (each skewer will have 3 pieces of chicken, 3 slices of mushroom and 3 slices of zucchini)

3. Cook on barbecue for 15 to 20 minutes, careful not to have it too hot: you want the bacon to slowly melt and the chicken to be soaked in it. Make sure you turn the skewers regularly and cook them on every side.


As an alternative to zucchini and mushrooms, try capsicums for some extra flavour. Add chilli if you like.

Copyright: Chicken Recipes: Chicken Skewers (spiedini di pollo) by Live Italian. Translated from the Italian recipe Spiedini di Pollo from Giallo Zafferano. translated by Loquar – Language Services for Business
Photocredit: Findyourfeet and Giallo Zafferano


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